Saturday, May 9, 2009

It's here, yay! Inauguration Day has arrived, yippee! Thanks to the magic of digital technology, I hereby christen "St. Razmo's Fire" and wish it fair winds and following seas on its journey to bring important social and political commentary (mine) to the literally tens of people who will ever find their way to its pages. Hizzah!

Welcome! Welcome, one and all! Welcome to the world of Razmography.

I'll need a short nap after all this excitement, but when I return, we will examine an important topic: How to remove from their seats nearly all incumbent Senators and Representatives who will be up for re-election (Democrat and Republican alike) in 2010. A special section on removing the Grand Potentate from Pennsylvania Avenue in 2012 will follow, so keep an eye open for it. If we have time, we may be able to show a preview of an upcoming project titled, "Liberal Socialists: Can We Beat and Flense Them In Public?"

It will take some time to customize this extra cool blog, so forgive us the generic appearance -- it's part of the deal when you're too cheap to design and host a proper web site, like me. Also, you will see references to "me" or "I" in these pages, but also "we" and "us" as though they are interchangeable. Well, they are. Me and We, I and Us, are all the same. The subterfuge is designed to fool you into thinking there's a crack team of researchers and thought-generating devices made in Switzerland we (I) access, keeping me (us) on the tip of the intellectual spear. Actually, it's just me and my pathetic desire to appear more than I really am.

As for general content, keep this important rule in mind at all times: I DON'T LIKE LIBERAL-PROGRESSIVE, SOCIALIST MORONS. I will listen to them (most of the time), and even strive to understand and appreciate their points of view. Even though I can't abide Leftist idiots, it's deadly important to seek out and embrace a totally opposing viewpoint in order to keep your own from becoming stagnant and rote. Fresh, and often differing opinions must be a regular part of the thought diet, lest you sink into a dogmatic abyss. I cannot guarantee a change of mind, but I will listen.

Important rule #2, I DISLIKE FENCEPOST-SITTING, HAND-WRINGING, INTELLECTUALLY LACKING, INTESTINALLY BANKRUPT, FAIR WEATHER VOTERS EVEN MORE THAN LIBERAL-PROGRESSIVE, SOCIALIST MORONS. Why? Because the so-called "moderate, swing voters" who obviously can't figure out the difference between conservative and liberal philosophies are the very ones who opened the door for much of our current misery.

The committed Left, a majority of registered Democrats, plus nearly every Black man and woman in the country were duty-bound to vote for the Savior. This is understandable, and perfectly normal. Just as many of us on the Right voted for George Bush out of fear for our nation under a mental abortion like Al Gore, or a haughty, slightly pink aristocrat like John Kerry, the predominant Left was compelled to vote for anyone other than a Republican, but a sort-of black candidate (his mom was white, remember) was perfect.

I understand the importance for them, and I was hardly surprised. However, that imperative by itself was not enough firepower to put Obama into the White House. The "undecided" voters were needed to seal the deal - lots of them, in fact. The much maligned Governor of Alaska invigorated the Right, while scaring the shit out of the Left. Something had to be done. Enter the mainstream news media, Hollywood and the overwhelming attraction of star power, and we now know how shallow and easily led are more than half of our voters. The fencepost-sitters, namby-pambied us all into the worst political and social nightmare since a befuddled peanut farmer elbowed his way into office three decades ago.

If you went to the polls this past November, and waited until you were safely out of view in your booth to decide who should lead our country, I'm talking about you. In short, you could be described as a fungus, or tumor, or worthless oxygen thief. Your inability to separate entertainment from reality, and your apparent, built-in stupidity, has cost us dearly. Thanks for nothing, "undecided" America!

But these are discussions for another day. I couldn't resist the opportunity for an Inauguration Day rant. You must forgive me because I'm still staggering under the reality that we have the ultimate expression of willful arrogance and amateurish stupidity at the controls of our entire country. We will survive this, you'll see. I shall return...


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