Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Star Power

We're into Obama's second trimester, and I'm still amazed he ever made it out of the Iowa primaries. I once thought Jimmy Carter would go down as the worst president in U.S. history, but recent events have made that notion comical. I understand half the country would quickly hand that distinction to George Bush (part deux), but I beg to differ. GW was wildly unpopular, no doubt, and millions truly believe he harmed us irreparably. But it must be noted that during his administration's eight-year tenure, the United States was attacked by terrorists exactly zero times.

That truth meant little to his detractors, who continue to get mileage out of the idea all the world's problems are Bush's fault. Unfazed, Democrats custom-build excuses for the Obama regime's failed policies with the tried-and-true method of saying, "Obama wouldn't have to behave like a dick if Bush wouldn't have done this or that for the last eight years." How convenient. Nothing like coming into office on the heels of a much-maligned ex-Prez, eh? You get a pass, no matter how stupid, amateurish and arrogant you may be.

Still and all, he did win. We can't change that fact, and we can't expect to undo the horrific damage he's already caused in anything less than four years. In effect, we're stuck with a narcissist who's head is jammed so far up his shit-pipe, he'll need a glass navel to see where he's going.

Why? How did this aberration come to pass? What did we do to deserve this misery? There are multiple answers to the question, including the unfortunate fact that a lot of the dumb-shits who voted for him are too young to remember the last time we elected an asshole of Obama's caliber (that would be the Peanut Boy from Plains).

Quite a few of the brain-dead soldiers in Obama's Army weren't even alive when, on a heartbreaking November evening in 1976, we stared in disbelief as the election returns came in. We watched, transfixed, as the brutal truth was revealed -- America was populated by more ignorant assholes than sane people, as evidenced by their willingness to put a goofy, way-Left Georgia hillbilly into the White House for real.

My mythical presumptions regarding American superiority came crashing down. Weren't we the very good people? Hadn't we saved the entire planet from Fascist domination? Weren't we the smartest, most clever crew ever? Apparently not. We were, as it turns out, a majority of naive pantywaists who bought willingly into the Peanut Farmer's bullshit story of 'peace through negotiations.'

In our country's fatigue after thirty years of the Cold War, Carter's promise to stand down from the dangerous, insane brinkmanship that defined U.S./Soviet relations were irresistible to more Americans than those who saw through the charade and voted against him. It didn't help that incumbent Gerald Ford was reviled for the pardon of disgraced former President Richard Nixon, of course, and Carter won a narrow (very narrow) victory as a fresh face in Washington, full of reform potential in the wake of Watergate. Still, and for whatever reasons apply, we were stuck with four years of Stupid, thanks in no small part to the electorate's inability to see a twit, standing right in front of them. Sound familiar?

But here the similarity to Emperor Obama's meteoric rise to power ends. Carter weaseled his way into office because a lot of people were knee-walking pissed-off at Republicans. Nixon was a Republican. While it's true nearly anyone with a magic (D) next to their name stood a good chance of success by running after the Bush years, that fact alone wasn't enough. Something else operated to win the election for a moron so unqualified and ill-suited to the position. Something way beyond a revulsion of Republicans, or even the assured support of almost every black voter in the country. Something like Star Power.

Sober voters, unimpressed with fad and fashion, tend to vote in terms of economic and national security. Somehow, that tradition went on vacation this time. Instead, a slight majority of the voting population sucked into the glowing persona of an extremist in Senator's clothing. With little information from an adoring mainstream news apparatus, Obama cleverly hid past associations with other extremists and outright criminals, riding the crest of a populist wave all the way to victory.

He had everything the anti-Bush crowd finds important (beside not being Republican, of course). The Emperor-in-waiting was young. He was charismatic (a special shout-out to the inventor of the Teleprompter). He rolled out dreamy, "we can do better" rhetoric with a big smile and a straight face. He was also black. Well, he was half-black, but the distinction isn't noted because that takes away from the magic of the moment. The promise of American equality, come to pass, and that would be something to celebrate were it not for the arrogant asshole who happened to be in the right place at the right historical moment. Frederick Douglass, he ain't.

Somehow, half an entire country walked into the voting booth, dutifully set aside common sense and adult political savvy, and elected a despot -- Emperor Barack the First. Nobody from three of the four major television networks offered up the slightest examination of Obama's questionable past, and less about his dubious qualifications to lead into the future. Instead, his charm, minority status and precious Teleprompter whisked him past the teary-eyed, seemingly drugged faithful like a cult leader in expensive clothing.

"WTF?", we asked. Is this really happening? Chris Matthews all but fell on his knees in adoration of the new Messiah. There was never really any doubt. Even as the newly elected HNIC (Head Nitwit In Charge) Obama loitered around in townhall meetings, accepting the accolades and unquestioning adoration of his followers (would you like some fries with that grape Kool Aid?), we began to witness the startling truth appear, little by little: we didn't get a President; we got a black David Koresh.

Check this out:


Somebody get Blondie a tissue -- she's gonna explode! The saddest part is, our mesmerized wacko in the video clip isn't saying anything that a lot of alleged "journalists" from the major networks wouldn't say if given the chance. I've never seen anything like it.

Is it because the Emperor is just that damn good? Is he so sage and wise in his embarrassingly short political career that the fawning is only recognition of his greatness? Not by a long shot. In reality, he's a very smooth, polished con-man. A snake oil salesman who'll say anything to get his way. Yo Mamma is, in the strictest sense, a dangerous impostor, playing God to half the nation while the other half seethes with contempt as their country is morphed into a socialist republic.

The progressive Left insists that conservative ire is merely the expression of Right Wing racism unmasked. Hack, wannabe actress Janeane Garafalo's idiotic rant on MSNBC to a delighted Keith Olbermann (a noted hack in his own right) told us the recent tax protest "Tea Parties" were populated by "tea-bagging rednecks," based solely on her reaction to one protester's sign. The ugly, fat, talentless Garafalo, less relevant than her role on the popular television series, "24" would suggest, really wants this to be true. She desperately wants conservative America to be welded by racism and hard feelings over the Savior's ethnicity. Unfortunately for her, it's not.

In spite of the Left's insistence to the contrary, a lot of people who rail against the Obama Regime's stupidity couldn't care less about his skin color -- it just doesn't matter to them, nor should it. Most of them didn't vote for McCain because Obama's black (sort of black, at least). They voted for McCain because they were afraid of what Obama would do if he ever got his hands on the controls, and they were right. He could just as easily have been white -- we all hate and revile Joe "where's-my-foot-because-I'm-hungry" Biden, and he's a white boy.

The Left should resist the urge to continually play the race card -- it's not working. Now that I think of it, an almost complete percentage of black voters cast their ballots for Obama. No one will ever be able to convince a rational person a sizeable majority of them did not do so ONLY due to Obama's ethinicity. I'm very sorry to report this to the gathered brothers and sisters at His altar, but THAT IS RACISM, PURE AND SIMPLE. Enjoy your double-standard, you hypocrite morons.

No, this isn't a commentary about race relations anywhere near as much as it is a fight against extremism. Leftist extremism, to be exact. We don't want a King. We don't need a professional apologist, skilled at deprecating our country against our will. We don't want a self-absorbed egomaniac ("I have a gift, Harry") so enamored of himself and his place in history, he'll do anything to maintain that status, country be damned. Half of us didn't want any of those things, yet here we are. That's what Star Power will do for you. That's why it's dangerous and risky to give stupid people the right to vote.

More on this later...

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